Y. Kuznecov Russian guitarist and a teacherY. Kuznecov Russian guitarist and a teacher

Russian guitarist and a teacher

Yriy Kuznecov (was born on 21 March 1955 in Moscow) is the leading Russian guitarist and a teacher. At the age of seven he began to study Music (guitar and piano). In 1972 he had finished the music school - the class of guitar, in 1978 he graduated from the Music College named after Shnitke with a major in guitar playing and conducting.
His repertoire includes such complicated works as his own transcriptions of Bach's clavier compositions, which are unique due to the preservation of the original texts. Among other compositions of his repertoire are masterpieces of the guitar music: Bach "Chakona" from the Second Violin partita, the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro Es-Dur (the transcription for the guitar) and four suites for lute.
E. Vila-Lobos 5 preludes, 12 etudes, "Little Suite of Brazil".
H. Rodrigo the concert of Aranjuez for the guitar with the orchestra and many others.
Yriy Kuznecov has a very active concert practice in Moscow and in other Russian cities.
Yriy Kuznecov will be gratitude to those producers who would like to assist in organization of his concerts.

Dear guitar-lovers!

You know that there are many music notes libraries in Internet. In spite of all my respect to their owners, I can't help saying that they don't solve the problem of guitar repertoire. In other words, most likely you already have those guitar notes that are advertised by the Internet libraries as the books with these compositions were published earlier by different publishing houses. At the same time, one of the most important requirements to the modern guitar concert is the presence of the compositions in the performer repertoire, which may astonish the audience. Understanding the importance of such an approach to the question of the repertoire forming, I would like to suggest to the guitarists my own unique (never played before) transcriptions of Bach's compositions.
The main advantage of my transcriptions is the original clavier text preservation (which, when talking about the guitar abilities is almost a miracle), but also the fingering - as much detailed as possible, which ensure the most possible voice projection.
Currently, I want to draw you attention to the following transcriptions:
  1. I.S. Bach Italian concert I part (for guitar solo) !!!
  2. I.S. Bach Prelude from II English suite (for guitar solo) !!! preview   download
  3. I.S. Bach Suite Es-Dur (6 parts) for guitar solo !!! preview   download
  4. Partita

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